2 Moving The Chi – Cheryl & Jay

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In traditional Chinese medicine, Chi is thought of as the power which unifies and animates.  It binds energy into matter, which means that without it nothing would hold together and nothing tangible would exist.  Chi is therefore a binding, cohesive force at the point where energy is on the verge of materializing, and where matter is at the point of becoming energy.   Since matter is itself a form of energy vibration, everything in existence is considered to be Chi.  Chi is also the energy associated with any movement, be it the movement of the sea, wind, blood or of walking.

We are “moving the chi”.  Animated and in motion.  A new life adventure with many paths before us.  And our goal is to share our experience with others who may be curious about how they too might “move their chi”.

We are Jay and Cheryl, on the adventure of our lifetime. After 22 years of living in Asheville, NC, we sold our home, liquidated our belongings, and begun a journey many consider unimaginable. During this liberating “Home Free” sabbatical, our objective is to enrich our lives as we travel and explore many of the world’s wonders, observe different cultures, and experience a lifestyle unlike the typical. We will be chronicling our adventures and sharing our photos, so tag along with as our wanderlust takes us near and far…

From April 2013 through August 2013, we traveled around the United States visiting family and exploring various states, towns and new locations not yet visited. In September, we arrived in Thailand to begin our Southeast Asia exploration.  Since September, we have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia and Indonesia.  As we approach Thanksgiving, we are currently in the Philippines on a beautiful island named Boracay enjoying sun, sand and surf, just one week after Typhoon Yolanda passed over this island.

We invite you to explore with us through this site.  Give us your feedback and let us know if you have questions about the locations we have visited or general questions about our travels.

We are both nationally certified licensed bodyworkers (massage therapists) and developing our skills in the healing arts and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine).   Our journey is just starting….

With love and respect….