Beartooth Highway – Highway 212

Beartooth Highway – June 5, 2013

2 Moving The Chi started the day in Mammoth Hot Springs in the northern part of Yellowstone Park.  Our goal for the day was to leave Yellowstone through the northeast entrance and follow

highway 212 to Red Lodge.  We were told that numerous wild life sightings take place in Lamar Valley.  Traffic was moderate, and buffalo herds were numerous.  Lots of buffalo calves this spring.

Once we left Yellowstone on highway 212, the scenery was more impressive with every turn.  And, turn we did!  The road was narrow with tight switchbacks. The mountain climb peaked at about 11,000 feet ab

ove sea level, as the temperature dropped, AND IT WAS IMPRESSIVE.  Snow still covered the higher elevations, and snow removal equipment was still in use, parked in clearings along the road side. The vistas at scenic overlooks took our breath away.  Charles Kuralt felt this stretch of highway to be the most scenic drive in America.  So far, we agree.  It is stunning.

Highway 212 led us out of Yellowstone National Park through northern Wyoming, into Montana, back down into Wyoming and then back into Montana to a small community named Red Lodge, once a coal mining town; now a tourist town.  The Beartooth Highway is a 64-mile section of Highway 212 that begins and ends in Montana but the majority of it is in Wyoming.  Wee dogee!  It was a drive we will never forget.

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