Boyd, MT

Boyd, Montana – June 3, 2013

2 Moving the Chi left Billings, MT and headed toward the nation’s first national park, Yellowstone.  We had never been to Yellowstone and were excited to be on our way.  We had stopped at the Billings Visitors Bureau to gather some information where Dave and Kitty were more than eager to give us guidance.  Actually, after spending 30 minutes with them, we decided to drive to Cody and spend the night.  Dave suggested we visit the Wild Bill Western Museum in Cody which sounded like a good suggestion.

As we were mapping our way to Cody, we spotted a small community named Boyd in Montana.  It was a few miles out of the way, but we had to see what Boyd was all about.    Boyd was about 40 miles from Billings on highway 212 and about 10 miles off our route.

As we approached Boyd, we realized it was so small, that there was not a sign posted with the name of the town.  We drove into this small community to find the local post office which was the only indication that we were indeed in Boyd.  The post office was established in Boyd in 1909, and became a rural independent station in 1965 where it served as a trading center for grain, livestock, and sugar beets.

We searched for Boyd’s history to find the town named after John Boyd, a homesteader who settled in the area in the early 1900s.  John’s wife, Lula Jane, was already living in Montana when John arrived from Nova Scotia.  Most of the farmers in the area were Finnish.  The Beartooth Mountains provided irrigation for the area crops.

A very cool part of Boyd was an abandoned house next to the post office.  Old and kind of spooky.

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After Boyd, 2 Moving The Chi were back on the road to Cody, WY.  Yee Ha!