BTS Skytrain in Bangkok, Thailand

BTS Staion 3The BTS (Skytrain) in Bangkok is a clean, excellent way to move around the city.  Buying fare tickets is easy, the stations clean and the trains are clean, well maintained and air conditioned.  When we utilized the BTS, the air conditioning was so good, we found we were cold when riding due to coming into them from the Bangkok heat.

HOURS:  BTS operates daily from 06:00 (6:00 a.m.) to 24:00 (12 Midnight).

BTS Cashier's Cage

Get change from the cashier’s cage for the ticket machine or to purchase an All Day BTS Pass.

OPERATING LINES:  There are currently 2 operating lines.  The Sukhumvit Line (Light Green Line) covers 21 stations from Mo Chit in the north to Bearing in the south.  The Silom Line (Dark Green Line) covers 10 stations from National Stadium in central Bangkok to Talat Phlu in the west.  The two lines connect at Siam Station where passengers can transfer.



Use this graphic to look up your fare.

TICKETS:  It was our first time to Bangkok (and Thailand), so we were a bit intimidated when getting our first tickets.  The tickets are dispensed from a coin only ticket machine that does have English directions printed on the machine.  To buy a ticket:

1st:  Review at the route map to determine the value of the ticket you need to purchase.

2nd: If you do not have any Thai coins, go to the cashier next to the ticket machine and redeem your Thai paper money for Thai coin money.

3rd:  The first step on the ticket machine is to select the value for the ticket you wish to purchase.



Follow the 4 Steps. 1 – Select Fare, 2 – Insert Coins, 3 – Grab Ticket, 4 – Collect Change.

4th:  The second step on the ticket machine is to insert your coins for the ticket purchase.  An electronic counter in the upper right side on the ticket machine will keep track of the money you insert.

5th:  The third step on the ticket machine is to take your ticket when it pops out of the machine.  Also, collect any change that might be due.

6th:  Next, head for the train.  Insert your ticket into the turnstile when you enter the train area.

7th:  Last, when leaving the station at your destination, insert your ticket into the turnstile when you exit the train area.

After your first experience, it will be an easy process.  The most you will pay for a one way ticket is 52 Baht (about $1.65 U.S.).  You might prefer an All Day BTS Pass for 130 Baht (about $4.20).  You can buy the All Day BTS Pass from the cashier.  A good deal if you are traveling all over the city in one day.  (Prices as of September 2013).

Here are a couple of links that will be helpful for the BTS.