Chocolate in Chiang Mai


IMG_6540-CAlways looking for an excuse to sample new chocolates, I went in search of a chocolate shop. In a city of three million, there was one chocolate shop to be found.

Duc de Praslin was a small shop outside the east wall of the old city on Bamrung Rajd Road. There wasn’t a huge variety, but the Belgium chocolates and truffles we did choose were very good. The shop was quaint and inviting, with a couple small cafe tables to relax, indulge in chocolate bliss, and refresh us before our walk back into the old city.

Much to my dismay, chocolate doesn’t seem to be a staple of Thailand, so this was a rare treat!

Since it won’t be possible to skip over to Duc de Praslin every day, I was happy to discover that small 7-11 shops – sprinkled everywhere – offer a few brand name chocolate bars, including Snickers, M&Ms, Hershey and Kit Kat. Funny enough, even though the wrappers of the Kit Kat show the same chocolate bar we recognize and love, the reality is we might very well bite into something other than the anticipated crunchy layered wafer bar enrobed in milk chocolate. We’ve experienced that more than once, with the ingredients not even remotely resembling the quality or product we thought we were purchasing.

Duc de Praslin Belgium is just up and across the street from the British Council in Chiangmai. Hotel staff and taxi drivers are not always familiar with the shop since chocolate does not seem as essential to them as it is to me. However, I pursued, persisted, and procured a rare encounter of fine chocolate in Thailand!