Columbia Falls, MT Downtown Mural


CFM 5On our way to Glacier National Park, 2 Moving the Chi stopped for the night in Columbia Falls, MT, about 15 miles from West Glacier (the western entrance to the park).  Needing to make a trip to a local grocery store, we discovered another “little treasure” in downtown Columbia Falls across the street from Smith’s Food.  Discovery is such fun.

According to the chamber of commerce web site, the murals are an illustrated history of Columbia Falls, painted in 2003 – 2004 by Clark Heyler and Maria Vekkos.

Hats off to Clark and Maria for a job well done.  It was a pleasure to find, view and enjoy their work.

If you’re ever traveling through Columbia Falls, take the time to see these illustrations.  They are only four blocks off Highway 2 going north on Nucleus Avenue.

For more detailed information about the illustrations, here is a link to the Columbia Falls Chamber of Commerce mural web page.