Flight to Bangkok


Flight to BangkokEven with comfortable cushions and head rests, and an extra inch of leg room, our 30-hour travel duration with Singapore Air was LONG. Although wifi was not available on our aircraft, we were equipped with computer and phone chargers. The service was friendly and good, with heated towels offered three times, and  FREE drinks! The variety and quality of food was not exceptionable as anticipated, but we enjoyed stainless silverware and wine with our meals, making it feel a little more like dining.

The movie menu was ok. Jay had no problem selecting titles. His headset went on the moment it was offered and never left his ears until our final destination. I think it helped him cope with the unhappy toddler across the isle — whose parents took little interest in trying to calm.

By the time we reached Singapore, we were exhausted. However, my eyes lit up when we spotted the foot massage machines at the airport. Singapore airport has it all, even a hotel which offers a six-hour minimum stay. Not sure if we would be able to drop off to sleep and feel rested enough to make it worthwhile, we skipped the hotel and just strolled through the terminals. We found a fish spa, where tiny fish nibble your feet; shops and restaurants that were closed during our wee early morning layover; and walkways that automatically start when you step on them.

Our arrival in Bangkok and ride to the hotel went smoothly. Our luggage arrived; we passed through Customs without a glitch; withdrew Baht at the ATM; and caught a taxi to our hotel.  After that, catching up on sleep was our first priority.