Glacier National Park Montana

Avalanche Trail, A Hike We Won’t Soon Forget


GNP 04Towering mountains; clear turquoise lakes and streams; waterfalls; and a moss-covered forest of red cedar and hemlock made our hike and drive on this a beautiful day magnificent! Every turn was a treat for the eyes.




Going to the Sun Road



After waiting three days for the road to reopen because of construction work, and then the rain to move out, the coast was finally clear – well, almost clear – to make the popular drive across the 52-mile stretch from the borders of the west to the east park entrances. Low cloud cover hid mountain peaks and dimmed the brilliance of scenic colors, reducing some of the Wow! factor. The drive in itself was spectacular and an engineering marvel with the narrow, winding road cut through rock. Waterfalls everywhere, snow at the highest elevations, but no wildlife. Logan Pass, the heart of the park, is about 6700 feet, and runs along the continental divide.