Health Land Applied Thai Medicine Clinic – Asok & Sukhumvit


Cover PhotoWe were looking to experience a good Thai massage while in Bangkok.  There are numerous vendors along the streets in Sukhumvit offering Thai massage so we decided to ask the concierge at the hotel for a recommendation.  The concierge recommended we go to Health Land located not far from the hotel near Asok BTS station and the Terminal 21 shopping mall on Sukhumvit Road.

Health Land is in a white, impressive, 8 story building.  We liked the environment and ended up having two therapeutic massages and one Thai massage over a four day period.  Each massage was OK but not over-the-top.  The first therapeutic massage was the best experience.  If you like deep tissue massages, this type of bodywork is great.

The second therapeutic massage was not as professional.  The therapists were not as “present” or as “experienced” as the first session.

The last visit was for Thai massage.  We were taken to a couples room and the two therapist talked to each other the whole session.  There was even a television in the room for the therapists to watch – which was tuned in to a soap opera.  We are both licensed bodyworkers in the states and know to give a great massage you need to be focused on the client.  We felt a bit shortchanged.  However, the Thai massage was relaxing.

Health Land is a massage factory.  When you enter the lobby you go to the front desk to arrange your session.  We do not  speak Thai but they have English speaking staff to help you along and an English services menu.  The front desk must have at least 10 employees staffing it.  You tell them what service you wish to receive, pay for the service and are directed to be seated in the large waiting room.  The wait time for your massage might be 5 to 10 minutes.

When they call your name, your are taken to an area to exchange your shoes for a pair of slippers.  You are then escorted to the area for your service, asked to change into a pair of pants and shirt they provide and then wait for your therapist, who arrives in short order.  When the service is over, you dress, return to the shoes exchange, are provided luke-warm tea and then you are on your way.  Tips for your therapist are at your discretion based on service and I am sure they are appreciated.

You can’t go wrong with Health Land for a clean, safe environment but realize, as in all massage practice, your experience will only be as good as your therapist.  And in a factory, a good therapist is the luck of the draw.

HL 10 Map to Location.