Karon Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand


Map of Karon BeachKaron Beach is located on the Western coast of Phuket Island (the red pin on the map), just south of Patong Beach.  Karon is one of the main tourist areas on Phuket Island with a long 3 km soft white sand beach, ideal for walks, runs and play.

The water was cool but not cold.  Surprisingly, the beach was not that crowded.  Another fascinating aspect of this beach is the lack of sea gulls.  Not a one to be seen, at least today.  Maybe it was a holiday or something and the gulls all stayed home to watch football.

Our route to Phuket was first by sleeper train, then a bus to Phuket City and then a Songthaew (taxi truck) to our hotel 26 km away at Karon Beach.  The sleeper train and bus cost 3178 baht (about $95 USD) for two of us.  The taxi from Phuket City to Karon beach cost 600 baht (about $19 USD) for the two of us.

Karon Beach is lined with hotels and guest houses.  We found that prices for basic services (meals, massage, market items, ect) on Karon Beach to be about 30% higher than prices found in the northern cities of Thailand.

A beautiful beach in a beautiful country.