Old Town Alexandria, VA

Alexandria, VA is a beautiful city to visit. Our daughter (Jenn) and her husband (Gary) live in Alexandria. We have been planning this visit for a few months.  Jenn and Gary arranged a beautiful and conveniently located suite at the Wyndham Vacation Resort on Kings Street for us to “hang” while in the area.  When those two are at work, we are strolling the streets and hopping the Metro to visit various parts of the DC area.  They are working, we are playing.  NO FAIR!!  Cheryl and I both lived and/or worked in the DC area a few years back, and it is always fun to spend some time here and note the changes that have taken place.

When in the DC area, be sure to take time to have lunch or dinner at the Old Ebbett Grill at 675 15th Street.  We make sure to visit the Old Ebbett Grill every time we are in the DC area.  And after lunch, a visit to the Washington Mall to walk it all off.