Pony MT Ghost Town

Pony is an old mining ghost town located in Southwestern Montana, deep in the Tobacco Root Range of the Montana Rockies.

Though seemingly a quiet and forgotten little town, many of the structures remain standing, some even occupied by merchants. Other buildings appear in disrepair. From the heart of town, it is obvious that there is a small number of residents on the perimeter of this once-thriving mining hub, creating a perfect blend of present and past. At one time, there were three brick yards, resulting in some beautiful Victorian homes, some inhabited and enjoyed yet today.

A fire in 1920 destroyed much of the main part of town, but many notable structures survived. The Morris Bank, at the corner of Pony Street and Broadway, has an impressive brick facade and ornate double doors. The Mount Jefferson Lodge, once also served as a dance hall, is still a meeting place for Masons. The Pony Bar is alive and welcoming those looking for a glass of brew. Further into town sits the remains of the twenty stamp gold mill, erected in 1883 and operating until 1926. Sitting above town is the public school, no longer open.

An intriguing aspect of Pony, is how the town got its name. Legend has it that in the late 1860s, a gold panner, quiet in nature, short in stature, moving from camp to camp in hopes of finding his fortune, left his nickname attached to the creek where he did indeed strike gold. Although his name was never known, or perhaps forgotten, it is remembered that he responded to the name “Pony,” given his short height.