The Sweet Palace

Resist a chocolate experience? Not me! Stepping inside the pastel colored shop of the Sweet Palace in Phillipsburg MT was like entering a candy paradise. My senses went into overdrive with the aroma of sugary confections wafting through the air, the sight of fresh salt water taffy on the puller, and beautiful candies from floor to ceiling. And, I hadn’t even reached the chocolate yet! I was offered a sample from a basket of over 72 taffy varieties, and of course I indulged. I was so hoping it would have been a chocolate sample instead. Reaching my destination — the chocolate display — made my mind dance. I became a kid in a candy store, salivating at the white, dark, and milk chocolate sea salt caramels and mouth-watering truffles. Decisions, decisions. After finalizing my selection, I headed up the beautiful staircase, where I could relax and savor the pleasures. The second floor had double staircases with an amazing wrap-around balcony to enjoy the activity below. It was charmingly accessorized with lamps, mirrors, an antique piano, a whimsical frog, a quiet sitting area, and accentuated with an embossed ceiling. I didn’t want to leave! And the chocolate? Oh, YEESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

Realizing it was a historic building, I inquired about the second floor balcony before leaving. I was told that the building had once served as a one-story merchantile and the owner of Sweet Palace embellished it with the addition of a second story balcony.

The Sweet Palace was more than a chocolate experience — it was more like a stepping into a fairytale.